Pacific Avenue Redevelopment Plan

The City of Wildwood and Cape May County have partnered in an effort to revitalize Pacific Avenue in Wildwood. Pacific Avenue has been an important economic engine for years, and this partnership is an acknowledgement that it benefits everyone in Cape May County to see it thrive.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the goal of Redevelopment on Pacific Avenue?

A: The goal of Redevelopment of Pacific Avenue is to use the tools of Local Redevelopment Law to support the existing residents and businesses on Pacific Avenue and attract new investment from the business community including local builders and other small businesses.

Q: What is Redevelopment in NJ?

A: In Local Redevelopment Law, the NJ Legislature created certain powers to get the most out of underutilized “areas in need of redevelopment”. These powers allow more flexibility in revitalizing an area and often end up increasing values in the area.

Q: How is Pacific Avenue in Wildwood an Area in Need of Redevelopment?

A: Pacific Avenue in the City of Wildwood has been designated an Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ). Under NJ's Local Redevelopment Law, Urban Enterprise Zones automatically qualify for many of the benefits of Redevelopment, and it is compelling evidence of an Area in Need of Redevelopment.

Q: How is communication with the residents and stakeholders of Wildwood being handled during this Redevelopment effort?

A: A complete communication plan has been designed for this Redevelopment effort. It includes a Redevelopment Advisory Committee which has already started two-way communication which is informing this process. Multiple public meetings including information sessions will be included.

Q: Who is on the Redevelopment Advisory Committee?

A: The committee was chosen from a broad cross-section of Wildwood and Cape May County stakeholders. It includes John Donio, President of the Wildwood Business Improvement District; Angel Daniels, President of the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce; Todd Kieninger, Chair of the Wildwood Planning Board; Leslie Gimeno, Director of the the Cape May County Planning Office; Ryan Troiano, of the Wildwood Fire Department; Anthony DeSalle, President of Crest Savings Bank; Kevin Lare, Director of the Cape May County Finance and Purchasing Office; and Tom Byrne, Chair of the Greater Wildwood Development Authority.

Q: Who else is a part of this Redevelopment effort?

A: The Atlantic County Improvement Authority and the South Jersey Economic Development District have been brought in to provide resources and expertise. Planning firms will also be brought in to create Redevelopment Plans as the process moves forward

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with the Advisory Committee?

A: Questions and comments for the advisory committee can be sent to Bob McGuigan at